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Krissy S Summerall

"Good detailed advice awaiting our next..."

Good detailed advice awaiting our next meeting


"Highly recommended Kate"

Kate is amazing. Our children’s’ food intolerances have been identified and tested (on a regular basis as they change) and allows them to be pain free. Kate has a great way with the children too. The process is non-invasive, quick and easy. Highly recommend.


"Kate was recommended to me by a family..."

Kate was recommended to me by a family member and I was very impressed from the first contact, right through to follow up. I found her approach to be very professional,knowledgeable and informative.

Chad Crawford

"Kate is fantastic! Highly recommend!"

Kate is absolutely fantastic with her knowledge and service. She is thorough with the information she provides and has great standards with communicating with her clients. Very lovely lady who i would recommened to anyone that has questions or concerns around their wellbeing. Best thing i have done for my wellbeing!!


"Great and lovely service"

Great and lovely service. Helped me identify my intolerance's and valuable follow up consultations


"A ray of light for real"

Great empathic and caring phone call with Kate. I felt heard, safe to open up and for the first time after my 4 years Odyssey I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and definitely isn’t the train coming towards me. It’s the solution. Very grateful. Appreciate it!


"Highly recommended"

I have seen Kate twice over the years for my food intolerances and I am about to attend my third appointment. I have been tested (with blood tests) for more than 20 years now hence I have a very good knowledge of my body and of the food which I am not allowed to have. I have to say that Kate's results were as accurate as the blood test ones. I even had much more useful details (eg: I am not allowed any cow products but I can have cow yoghurt). Kate also picked up my intolerance to feathers which finally explained my body getting over-heated while using the duvet. As I am very confident that the results given are correct, I have now stopped doing the blood tests. I have also brought my 3 kids to be tested. Their results confirmed the same results that the blood tests had given before. I am so pleased to have found a NON invasive efficient test for myself and my family as we sadly need to monitor the situation every couple of years. Kate has been very professional, she explained the results in a very easy and clear way and she has been very patient and friendly with my kids. I definitely highly recommend her practice.


"I can't thank Kate enough for how..."

I can't thank Kate enough for how helpful and informative she has been for me. From finally finding out what my intolerances are to being available to any messages of questions I might have. She has been a reassuring and motivating voice during worrying and frustrating health concerns, always finding solutions and ways forward.

Steve May

"Kate was excellent"

Kate was excellent. I have found small changes in my diet have made a huge difference to my skin, energy levels and overall health. Kate is personable, thorough and very responsive.


"Extremely helpful advice and interesting to learn about the details of nutrition!"

As someone who cares a lot about health & nutrition this was extremely interesting and helpful! Kate is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of useful information and advice on further testing, what to integrate into my diet and what to avoid. Can totally recommend!


Kate Knowler Nutrition Ltd

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