William Moore

"Apollo.io is the biggest shameful SCAM"

SCAM! They stole my data, copied it form LinkedIn and placed it on their website and database WITHOUT my permission. This is ILLEGAL! I contacted them and they are asking me to provide my ID, which is unreasonable and absurd! I filed a complaint via LinkedIn website as well with hopes that they can help. I think we should create a class-action lawsuit. I took photos of my profile as proof (in case if they delete it). It is unbelievable that nobody took this website down and that the founders are not held responsible. SHAME!


"I have made a number of requests to...delete my information"

I have made a number of requests to delete information on me. You have made it difficult by requiring I download a form to provide you with information about myself! Under the California Privacy Act you are violating my privacy right. Here is the California Privacy Act 2020 with extensive new compliance requirement and liabilities. I will take legal action against Apollo if the business does not comply with the California Privacy Act. California Privacy Act 2020 The new California law related to the processing of personal data will go into effect in July 2020. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) (California Civil Code §§ 1798.100 to 1798.199) is currently the most comprehensive privacy legislation in the United States, with extensive new compliance requirements and liabilities. Although the law was drafted with threshold requirements for application, it will have significant reach given California’s undeniably large global economic impact. If you are a for-profit business doing business in California or you are collecting California consumers’ personal information, this is one law you cannot ignore. The law stipulates the following: 1) The right of Californians to know what personal information is being collected about them What this means: A business must tell you that it collects personal information about you either before or as that information is collected 2) The right of Californians to know whether their personal information is sold or disclosed and to whom. What this means: A business must tell you the types (though not the names) of third parties it shares your personal information with. You also have the right to tell the business to delete your personal information and to not sell it Businesses must give you ways to opt out of having your personal information sold to or shared with third parties like advertisers or data brokers, and they must honor your opt-out request. They must also put a link to their opt-out page on their homepage advising you of this right. Businesses must offer you ways to request a copy of the personal information they have collected about you, and they must provide it free of charge within 45 days of your request. You have the right to know the types of personal information (for example: name, email, or location) a business has collected, where it came from, why it was collected, the categories of third parties it has shared that information with, and the specific pieces of information it has collected. You can also tell them to delete that information.

James Scott

"Breaks GDPR legislation in every aspect"

They copied from my LinkedIn profile, without any form of consent from me, all my work information. They used a confidential internal email address from previous employment (now no longer active then). This website doesn't respect GDPR compliance and it is a criminal offence to break those rules. I would like all my info removed from this website as soon as possible. I do not trust this website and I strongly advice anyone who reads this to provide them with copies of your ID, signatures or anything else they might use.

Sam Weaver

"It’s a scam!!"

It’s a scam!!! Don’t download the file, don’t provide your ID and don’t use google to login to your account. They copied all my LinkedIn data and entered on their platform. After I requested it to be removed they have been sending endless emails a day asking for my ID and for me to download a form to request the removal. It’s a total scam!

Andrew Ebert

"Stealing data without consent"

Stealing data without consent and won't even let you just have it deleted without giving you the run around and giving them more information about yourself, absolutely disgusted and appalled that companies like this should be allowed to exist.

Hamoud Alsubaie

"Terrible company"

Terrible company, stole my data from Linkedin & posted it on their website without my permission!

Green Pixel


Disgusting. They have stolen my data from LinkedIn. Have emailed to ask for it to be removed but they just send a form requesting more information to verify my identity??! Eh, excuse me, how about you send me proof that I signed a disclosure that authorised you to obtain and display my data??! Totally illegal, immoral and vile excuse for a business. I hope they are sued into bankruptcy and get what they deserve.

Bryan Barnard


DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! They have me listed as currently working for a company I have never heard of. There is no way to contact them directly which is the first sign of a disreputable company. They even tell you that by signing on with your Google account you are allowing them to “READ,COMPOSE,SEND AND PERMANENTLY DELETE ALL YOUR MAIL FROM GMAIL”. You should run screaming from this company. Only suckers, or dare I say stupid people would proceed. You’ve been warned!


"Stole all my information from my..."

Stole all my information from my LinkedIn profile without my permission.

L Watson

"Ignorant people who steal information!"

Ignorant people who steal information!



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