Joe Domingo

"Same thing everyone else has said"

Same thing everyone else has said, they steal info from your linkedin profile to populate their own database and then make it very difficult to remove your "account" from their website.

Tracy Goddard

"Please help me to remove my data"

Just like what everyone else has said, they steal my LinkedIn profile and posted it online without my permission. I have no idea how to remove my "account" from their website, someone please help. :(

Mark Gilpin

"How to remove yourself"

Some of us found out how to remove your page from their site a while back.. First email support at meetapollo.io (since reviews don't allow email addresses, you have to figure this part out yourself). You have to include the link you want to remove on these emails. Then you will receive a reply from a bot about having to fill out a form. Just keep replying to it for 3 to 5 times and the bot will automatically remove your page.

Michelle Walker

"Apollo.io company steals information..."

Apollo.io company steals information and publish fake profiles. Also makes it hard to remove it afterwards.


"Pimping Out Business Owners"

Apollo.io has taken company information inaccurately with an incorrect business name, logo and references to my work in a completely different industry than marketing to "pimp" me out to people who can view my contact details. I have spent months trying to get the details removed. I eventually made clear I would contact their investors and leave negative feedback and even to that there was no response. The main response was "I can't see your listing" even though I linked to the URL in my contact. It's horrific they've been able to get away with it for so long. Edit: 23.6 After emailing the CEO of the company I was able to get some action taking and the listing was finally deleted.


"They are disgusting scammers and spread..."

They are disgusting scammers and spread false news and information online about random people and refuse to remove them when asked.


"They are shameless scammers"

They are shameless scammers, posting my information without consent. I am not filling their form. They have no right to show out information about me without my consent. They should be put to jail. They have no right to do this and I will report them to the authorities.

Brenda Meacham Simon


SCAMMERS!!! They stole my information and combined it with someone’s company and a fake adress. I only found out when people started emailing me and asking me for my ‘service’.

Bobby Wright

"Watch out with this company!"

Watch out with this company. They steal information from some sources and publish your profile with your approbal with actual personal data (such as address or phone).


"The audacity"

The audacity. Stealing my details from LinkedIn and then requesting ME to spend time filling in forms to get it deleted. I NEVER REQUESTED THIS SCAM COMPANY to get involved in the first place.



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