Seb V

"Like many others have said"

Like many others have said, they steal your data, sell it and then have you fill out a long form to have YOUR OWN data removed.


"Pathological liars whom try to mislead..."

Pathological liars whom try to mislead you and lure you in a legal situation you wish not to be. Incompetent staff, underpaid salary. The worst ever care company I have worked for. Avoid them from far distance!


"Stolen information"

Found my profile with stolen information from LinkedIn as many others have. I reported them to scamwatch.gov.au and encourage everyone to do the same. I also emailed the company saying I would not provide further information to verify my identity and had reported them to scamwatch. Within 5 minutes I received an email back saying they had deleted my profile - it worked!

Jaime Klein

"Apollo abuse"

Appalling abuse of GDPR. I have never given Apollo my permission to post my details and give them out. I am getting inundated with emails about areas I have no dealings with. This company should be prosecuted by all governments for breaking numerous data protection laws.

Sho Yamagishi


Horrendous. Checked my digital footprint to find this company had stolen my Linked In profile. I emailed their support team and reported to scam watch and said this is them stealing my data without my permission. They then said they would send me a verification for access via email. I said I don’t want access, I want removal and I don’t need to add more data about myself to justify who I am...removed page within 5 minutes!

Ayub Abati

"Blatant abuse of GDPR for profit"

This company's practices are a blatant abuse of GDPR regulations, and I hoped the relevant authorities investigate them fully. As with everyone else here, I did not give them permission to scrape my data and offer it on their own website. Their removal process is also a joke.

LTP Media

"They just steal your data"

They just steal your data! I have got quite unique name and surname, and I just searched on google to see what comes up. And surprise, the second website which brings my info was apollo.io. There was a button to delete my data which I clicked. Then they asked my email, I entered, and then they sent some document so that I can sign and send back. And they said it's part of GDPR. Here be cautious! It can't be a part of GDPR, they are just manipulating. They are violating GDPR by holding your data without your consent. I asked them to immediately remove my data, I am not going to sign anything, and if they don't remove, I'll report it to corresponding authorities. And, next, they removed my data. Make sure to not sign anything. They're a scam, and they're scared!


"they steal ur information without your..."

they steal ur information without your consentand deleting them is not even starightforward


"They stole your data from LinkedIn."

They stole your data from LinkedIn. To remove your profile: 1. Send them an email (from their contact us page) and ask them to remove your profile (and company profile if you own it) with the link(s). Never sign up to remove. It is a trick! 2. They will reply by asking you to claim your profile. DO NOT claim your profile. Instead, reply "please remove my profile" with your profile link again. 3. It will be removed quickly with a reply that they have removed your profile. This applies to other similar third-party websites that steal your contact details and sell to email spammers and telemarketers. Always search your full name once a month to check if someone has stolen your data and created a profile without your consent.

John R. Volz

"Very great service doing last 20 years..."

Very great service doing last 20 years never have problems always job done right one time !



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