"Inter exchange such a nice program."

Inter exchange have nice families and LCC, they always support each au pair and they try to do fun activities for all au pairs in USA. They always want the best experience as foreign.

W R Beaver

"I will say that since my process from..."

I will say that since my process from Mexico i had a great attention. And since I arrive timo US the agency has been close to me and all what they had promise has been achieved


"the best"

Interexchange is a great agency: you have all the support you need. Everyone in the staff is always nice to answer and help with any question. My Local Coordinator is the best, she is present anytime and she can give really good advices.

Lesley Farrow

"Great experience!"

In my opinion Interexchange as sponsor does a great job, they try to have excellent communication, they also seek the well-being of both parties (au pair- host family), my LC does a great job of keeping up to date with everything and keeping the cluster together.

Marcia A. Torbeck

"Improve the application please"

During the interviews process, au pairs should be able to have more host families “on view” in their profiles, because one host family per the time make less chances of connections. Host families should provide more information about them, like schedule, room, bathroom, car rules, house rules, rules in general.

Zeshan Sheikh

"I hoped for a better experience with the agency."

They were very helpful before I landed in the US. However, when I was in rematch, I would have appreciated more assistance from the agency. It is a good agency, however, a lot can be done to better the experience for the au pairs, as well as the families. The agency should have done more to support the au pairs during this pandemic. As au pairs, we would also like more information about what the agency is doing to try and save the au pair program.


"Helpful during difficult times"

My journey as an au pair with Interexchange was more difficult than what others might have experienced but my LCs and their coworkers in New York where there for me every step of the way, with my questions regarding my education, during my rematch, while I was looking for a new family for my extension and on the unfortunate day my flight home got cancelled. I always felt supported and knew they would be there for me if I needed them.

Robert Burris

"Aupair USA has been good"

Aupair USA has been good! They constantly checking up and ensuring I’m good!

Jon Finnegan

"I'm enjoying my experience with the agency"

I'm enjoying my experience with the agency

Shirley Hartrick

"Was a good experience with my current..."

Was a good experience with my current family, sometimes some discussions but not really serious. My job with the kids was really nice, I love teach them new things and they love that. I have a good relationship with my host family.


Au Pair USA

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