jeffrey kwak

"Liars, unethical, heartless"

Being a professional fire fighter and my wife NICU RN, we have irregular hours. That being said, when we approached this company with full transparency of our schedules, and our specific needs for our Au Pair hours the local (Blair Gloe) and regional coordinator (Cara Harper) approved us as a host family. Because we got this approval, my wife proceeded to quit her day shift job and find one that was night shift. Things were going well until 4 months in, the regional coordinator's boss caught wind of our irregular schedule and kicked us out of the program within 20 minutes of our 1st phone call. Mind you, there is nothing in the contract that states what we are doing is against any rules and we had prior approval from their own employees. The reason behind kicking us our was because they "felt uncomfortable about the schedule". Now we are stuck in a situation where my wife no longer has a job she can work without the assistance of an Au Pair and currently have no child care. This company essentially screwed my wife out of her job and kicked us to the curb for no reason. They DO NOT CARE about what will happen to us!! My wife would have never quit her previous job if they said we couldn't do what we asked. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS they are heartless, liars and have no regard for ethics.


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