Shirley Hartrick

"Was a good experience with my current..."

Was a good experience with my current family, sometimes some discussions but not really serious. My job with the kids was really nice, I love teach them new things and they love that. I have a good relationship with my host family.



Good experience I love mu host family


"Au pair USA is a really great program..."

Au pair USA is a really great program that help a lot of girls and boys around the country to come here and get the experience of living in an American family and know places around the USA I’m really happy with the support of my actual family and my local coordinator because they are always worry about my welfare Thank you so much for the support

Roger Silverberg

"Au pair USA is the best"

Au pair USA is the best, they are hands on with everything and the local coordinators are always checking in with you to see if everything is going well.


"The experience could have been better"

Is a good experience but not all the families are good hosts, my first family wasn't what I expected. The second one was a blessing, initially they weren't with Interexchange though.

Tommy Spurrier

"It’s a good program"

It’s a good program, but I think that with all the COVID-19 situation they should be more present.


"Au Pair USA has been life changing..."

Au Pair USA has been a life changing experience for me. From the beginning the application and interview process was easy to navigate and complete, and the pre-arrival training modules were simple enough to understand. Upon arrival in New York for training, instructions and directions were easy to follow and the training itself was thorough and detailed. My entire experience as an Au Pair has been outstanding experience. I have made new friends from all around the world, and have had endless support from coordinators and my host family throughout this experience. I would absolutely recommend you to take a chance on Au Pair USA for your exchange year! There's no better family than Au Pair USA!


"The Best : Au Pair USA"

I love Au Pair USA. I really enjoy all they are doing to assist in my year and all the connections they help me make.


"Great experience over all."

I’m already on my second year, with the same family since the first day, and I’m really glad I did this!!! In my opinion the most important part is the interview with the family. I think agencies could help us more with this and give us more advice about what to ask or what to expect. Because I remember I was really nervous and I had to search on the internet some questions for the families, so I wouldn’t miss anything. This is a crucial part of our life as au pairs. Also I think agencies could help you more with the taxes, because they only tell you when you should do it and where to find the documents, but that’s it. I know LCC’s are not tax experts, but I think it would be easier if they give us a tutorial or some examples.

Janet Geldenhuys

"Simply great"

Simply great


Au Pair USA

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