Alicia Teakell

"Great product and great tasting water"

Great product and great tasting water. It’s hard to drink anything else.


"I have been using this type of system..."

I have been using this type of system for four years and it is the best and affordable system I have seen. Counter mount or under the sink.

CED Campos

"This machine does a good job on the..."

This machine does a good job on the extremely hard water in my area. I can’t fairly rate since the taste isn’t ideal, it’s tolerable when chilled. Cosan is simple to install, takes very little space very user friendly. For the price I would reccomend if your tap water isn’t too hard.

Cheryl Williams

"I almost bought the $4000 machine"

I almost bought the $4000 machine, the competitor, then my son in law did research on line and told me about Cosanusa. I returned other One, all I need is water with high ph and don’t need other bells and whistles. Beforehand, I was spending way to much money at these specialty stores and it was a hassle running back and forth, straining my arm and fingers holding the heavy bottles. Now I just change cartridges. I was teking alkaline water for months then went off and felt lousy within two weeks before I realized I needed some kind of permanent machine . Bottles water is not good fir landfills it your body! I use stainless steel containers from Cosanusa. 👍 Martie Garcia RN

Christen Benson

"The best alkaline water system!"

The best alkaline water system!! I love mine and it is so easy to use and take care of! My skin was suffering from acne and after religiously drinking from the pure hydration water system my skin has definitely cleared up! I notice a huge difference in my mood and digestive system when I don’t drink alkaline water now. I definitely recommend this company and their products. If you haven’t bought their shower head you are for sure missing out on healthy skin and hair!! Five stars all around!!


"The Pur Hydration system rocks!"

The Pur Hydration system rocks!


"I love it."

I love it.. it works perfect and I feel great.... and the price is right.... I even bought one for my girlfriend....

Laura Basso

"I bought the machine more than a year..."

I bought the machine more than a year ago and we love it! Clean water at a gooo price !

Frank Marcell


Affordable, had to pay to have it installed under sink leading to a separate faucet. Glad it is not sitting on my countertop. The filter that produces the H2 water seems to stop doing that before 3 months. This is disappointing, but I'm glad to have the H2 water some of the time.

Regina Adams

"keep up the great service"

keep up the great service, please. Thanks for being in business.


Cosan USA

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