"Cosan is a great business and I love..."

Cosan is a great business and I love their products. Jim the owner is also a good man and is always wanting to help his customers. Thank you!


"Love the water"

Love the water. Set up is easy. We have very little counter space, so we had to set below the sink. This means a different set up, and the water does not immediately turn off. It takes about 15 seconds as it dribbles to a stop.


"I love Cosan pure hydration"

I love Cosan pure hydration. I integrated with reverse osmosis system. getting rid all the bad stuff and remineralizing with 9.5 alkaline and microcluster water. plus with my potassium water softner system for whole property.


"My email was answered within the hour."

After researching many purifier's , I decided Cosan was the right choice. It was affordable, and most importantly it stated it removed pesticides and pharmaceuticals from the water. Many of the competitors descriptions did not state this. When I recieved the unit and had it installed I was surprised how attractive it looked on the counter. The water tasted wonderful. We were very pleased. A few days later I noticed a puddle on my counter. I figured out that one of the connector valves was dripping. I emailed Cosan immediately. My email was answered within the hour. I spoke with customer service shortly after and my problem was solved. I recieved a new casing/valve within 2 days and returned (they paided for the box and postage for return) broken one. Its been close to six months since our purchase. There have been no more issues with our unit. We use it all day every day. As a consumer, I was impressed at how quickly and professionally Cosan solved the problem. I would highly recommend this unit.


"Great product"

Great product. We made it through the 1st 6 months w/out a glitch. I was impressed initially with how this company really tried to think of everything for the install. They gave me everything I needed to install and more. Water tastes great right through their recommended time frames to change filters. What's left to say. Thank you Cosan

Grizzly Harper

"Thank you Jim with all your help..."

Thank you Jim with all your help helping me and my friends enjoying our alkaline water. Makes us feel so happy and vibrant. Hydrating is keeping us healthy and strong and complimenting our workouts to get us fit and in shape. Thank you.


"Love this System!"

Love this System!


"Great Quality Hydrogen Water Without Breaking the Bank"

Good quality product that doesn't require electricity or electrode replacement. Hydrogen lasts a lot longer than electrode-generated hydrogen water, all at a fraction of the price. I was using very expensive bottled hydrogen water to help clear my eczema, but stopped after I ran out with some symptoms returning. After using the Pure Hydration machine for 1.5 months, my neck is nearly clear again. Would recommend this machine to anyone wanting affordable, high quality hydrogen water.

Kristina S

"I’m fortunate to live close to the....."

I’m fortunate to live close to the company/warehouse and I always do a walk-in when I need something. In my opinion, The Companys staff are very intelligent and understands the very atom of the product they offer. This is one of very few companies that I never feel like I’m being “sold”, rather, they educate. I like my Alkaline water a lot and the price was perfect.

John Moorhouse

"I recommend COSAN USA to anyone"

I recommend COSAN USA to anyone, its a lot of benefits, portable (you can bring it anywhere), its easy to use and install, and the customer service are very helpful and affordable.


Cosan USA

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