Chloe Swopshire

"So far so good water taste great"

So far so good water taste great. Have been using a little over a week. Tested 9+ alkalinity, over 1 ppm hydrogen, and 700 +++ ORP. Quite satisfied so far. I have well water which I run through a Morton whole house self cleaning filter. I then run it through a 5 micron large canister filter then through a water softener. Have high iron and manganese in my well water. Tried a non electric unit that's name started with an H. Could never get any tests as good as Pure Hydration unit even from day one. I like the fact that I can change the filters whenever I deem necessary. Trying to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces daily. After a week i seem to be feeling better. I was drinking RO water which is acidic not good for you. I found this out after starting to feel bad after several months of it.

Matthew Bednarik

"After nearly one year"

After nearly one year, I see that everything is ok. But, the machine, there was an issue that the company should look over and fix it. I found a leak from the connector with the hose from the first time I used it until now, every time I replace the filters or every time that I turn on for the water coming out from the connector for a few seconds then stop. I don't feel happy with this issue. I tried to contact the company because I purchased directly from the company. but I don't know how to do that. Now, they requested me to review. So, I can leave what I want to know about the company. Please look over this issue. I can rate this machine from 3.5 to 4 stars only. Even though, the water is good. No complaint about it. After, the company knew what my Pure hydration water issue was. Jim Lynch who tried contact with me to solve this problem. Even though, I cannot contact Jim during the working hours due to so busy with my working at my company. I had to contact with Jim Lynch by email. Then, Jim Lynch sent me the new one right away after that. Today, Saturday, August 25, 2018, I returned the defective one to the company. Anyway, Thank you so much, Jim Lynch. I highly to recommend to anyone who needs Alkaline water. I think Nobody will be disappointed when dealing with this company. I can rate from 4 to 5 stars. Trust me. You will happy when you deal with them about the Alkaline water. This Alkaline water source that our body very very needs it. Thank you Cosan/USA, Thank you, Jim Lynch,


"My problem was an odor in one of the..."

My problem was an odor in one of the filters. I was contacted within 2 days by Jim Lynch we talked and he explained the problem. He worked out a solution in replacing filters. I was very pleased, cause I understood what he said. Very happy he took time for email and phone call. Thank you D. F. Texas

AAA Landscape

"The water taste great"

The water taste great. Not sure if the scientific results are true, only been using it for 9 months...but time will tell. I gave this company 5 stars because their customer service is excellent! I had trouble connecting the device to my sink and the owner did everything possible to try to make it easy for me, even though I was a bit of a grump. When the faucet part was hard to close, they immediately send me a replacement. Love love your customer service. Keep up the great work!


"easy installed,water taste great and..."

easy installed,water taste great and very good customer service. Totally Happy!!! : )


"RO unit to Pure Hydration ???"

I bought my Pure Hydration System last October 2018. The connection set-up was from a Culligan RO system. I followed the installation procedure from the Cosan YouTube video. Bought a couple of reducers to connect to my existing RO unit. My whole family was drinking from this set-up since it was first installed until last Saturday(March 9); my wife asked me to check the PH value and found out to be only 7. Checked the water coming from the faucet and it’s higher than 7. Is the RO unit affecting the filters of the Pure Hydration? I’m confused. Need your help.

Phil W

"Sucks that those of us that bought the grey unit can’t trade it in for the improved one"

Sucks, I got the grey one and now amazon doesn’t carry the replacement filters. When I look at the last order of filters amazon shows I purchased the replacement filters for the new replacement. I did not and those filters don’t fit anyway.

Melissa o

"Bought the grey system in late 2017"

Bought the grey system in late 2017. Less than two years this company has discontinued the filters and wants to charge $50 for an upgrade and charge for the now doubled price of the filters at $125. Can't trust them!


",,,,paid 5 hundred dollars for Cosan..."

,,,,paid 5 hundred dollars for Cosan USA in 2018...now can't get 4 filters package for replacement....it looks like we lost money...... what a terrible company!!! .... very regret that bought this Hydration system.... in 1.5 yrs we must throw it in garbage.


"Great company wit great experiences"

Great company wit great experiences. Amazing products at best prices in the country for what they do. All other companies want 1K or more this companies products do more and cost less than 1K


Cosan USA

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