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"Awesomely best college I ever attended..."

Awesomely best college I ever attended the staff are amazing the teaching was learnable and I have not attended college in years so if I can pass the coarse anyone can if you apply yourself accordingly!

Liz Vazquez

"This school is far most the worst..."

This school is far most the worst educational training I ever attended. I would Not recommend this school to anyone. Please run far away if even thinking about attending this school. You will waste your time and money.


"No thank you"

Would not recommend. See Google review for details...


"I wouldn’t recommend this for the working class"

I paid out of pocket for the 37.5 weeks studied and worked and still showed up to to class. But to be honest I didn’t bet get Much out of it here is why. As soon as you learn something you are off to the next section there is no time to actually take the certification while the info is fresh in your head. Unless you have nothing to do outside of this it’s not realistic. I decided to do a master degree in IT after this and wish I did that from the beginning. Unless they can assist with taking time to study for certification I wouldn’t recommend this. The teachers I had were great it was just did not help be take all the certificates I wanted.. I rather have save the money and done it on my own.

Andrei Tornea

"We better our self through higher learning"

The school showed all lessons required for us students to learn our course and the staff was very well certified to do the teaching lessons, books were adequate and testing was within lessons learned the Cybertex institute of technology has diferente field for us to decide what future we want to embark but which ever we decide will be on our way better prepared to help our society gorw and we will be on our way to enter the work force with pride of our accomplishment.

Mignon Reign

"Absolutely loved it"

Absolutely loved it, now im just waiting for their nursing program so I could continue my education

Charlie Troutman

"CyberTex Institute was a life saver for..."

CyberTex Institute was a life saver for me. I had a great instructor that was very knowledgeable about the all the lessons and very helpful when I didn't understand the material. I received my CMA and I have been working in a Hospital for 6 years. I'm thankful for a new journey in my life.


"Thanks to my teacher"

Thanks to my teacher, Mrs. Miranda Berry, I was very successful in going through the medical assistant program at the Killeen location for Cybertex. I hear that she is no longer there, but if she ever sees this review, I hope she knows how appreciated she was in sharing her own experiences in the medical field and demonstrating the many different healthcare scenarios and situations we might face, so that we were better able to understand things from a visual and hands on perspective, instead of just lecturing and hoping that we retain the knowledge on our own. It is because of Mrs. Berry that I went on to pass all 3 certification exams (Certified Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Tech, and EKG Tech) through NHA on the very first try for each of them! Overall I can say that the school in general when I attended from Aug 2014-June2015 was a good experience for me. I learned how capable I was in succeeding greatly of doing something I was afraid to do. I The only complaint I have is that at the end of my time for the program, the school failed me where they were supposed to help me get started in my career. I was basically left to fend for myself, and it took me over a year and half to even get interviews anywhere before I finally found a job position in any of my 3 certifications. :(


"No help to find a job"

No help to find a job

Peter Kiripolszky

"CyberTex places you in a worry-free..."

CyberTex places you in a worry-free environment such as you do not have to pay anything toward your tuition unless you are paying cash.


CyberTex Institute of Technology

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