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"Very hands on program with lots of..."

Very hands on program with lots of support. Highly recommended

Lisa K

"Abuse and broken dreams"

I had had enough. There I sat, staring at abuse and broken dreams. My body fell limp and my mind tingled with dopamine. My heart sank as I closed my eyes, intoxicated and alone. The feeling was all too familiar and I had grown to accept it. My fleeting pleasure was taking me with it. I obsessed depressed then dressed; a mess. With my fist to my chest, I beat my breast. Helpless, I took my test... This program got me on my feet with ending my sexually compulsive behavior. JK is a God send and I thank him dearly. He puts in many hours to make the program work for us group of, mainly if not all, guys. I'm not gonna b.s. you and say that my life is totally changed for the better and that I'm a new man, because I'm not. I use the program's tools to develop coping skills for stress and to control my out of control behavior with PMO. My addiction consumed me and I needed help. If you have hit your bottom or are suffering from your sexually compulsive behavior, I urge you to seek help. This is not the only program out there, but it sure is a good place to start your journey to freedom and inner peace.

Meagan Swirk

"Very good program to stop your porn..."

Very good program to stop your porn addiction. JK was awesome in helping me recovery from this addition

Alizy Fatima


God-sent J.K. Emezi is truly an asset for me in the struggle

Jessica Moore

"This program has opened a whole new..."

This program has opened a whole new world of habits of turning myself into a better person. The main reason I joined the program was that I started realizing that whatever this program is it's not going to be just about stopping watching porn and masturbation but it's going to be on a much much deeper level and it's going to make me be an overall better person with managing my feelings and emotions and interacting with people and just go through life being aware to my surroundings and myself


"Good support"

Good support. Did not take a program yet but spoke to the community and watched very important videos to help with my recovery. Great professionals

Vickey Sun

"The best program out there..."

JK has developed and fine tuned a system that WILL help you rewire your brain if you stick to the tools and skills. Lots of work involved, but that makes it worthwhile and lasting. Highly recommend if you're serious about getting rid of porn out of your life.


"The system works as promised"

I finished the Reboot Implementation Program, and I like'd to share my experiences: For 15 years I've been a porn addict, watching the most hardcore scenes for hours and hours, often multiple times a day. I was full with lies and self hatred. I tried to quit a few times, with no success. 6 months ago I found JK's work, and I joined the Implementation Program. I wish I could list you all the changes that happened during these months, but it would be too long. Here are the most important ones: My previous relationship was beyond repair, I had to face this, and let her go. Now I have a new girlfriend, I was honest with her from the start, and we are happy together, happy as I've never been before. My self esteem boosted, and with this, my carreer boosted as well. I took a step forward, and soon I start in a new position, abroad. Like a dream come true. If you are asking yourself "is this really possible", the answer is a clear and loud YES. It will take hard work, and sometimes, it will be painful, when all the supressed emotions come up. Still possible, and still worth it. One advice: Don't get overconfident. In the first few months of recovery you will achieve things that looked impossible before, but stay humble. If you are doing this, you are an addict. You will be an addict in three months, you will be an addict in six months, and you will be an addict in a year as well. This shouldn't scare you away, this is just the nature of things. There is no quick way out. Continue the work, do it every day of your life, and you will succeed. Jaykay Emezi, thank you very much. Your work changed my life.


"A program that works if you are willing to work"

While there are many programs out there that promise to fix you, this isn’t one of them. But that’s good! What they promise is the tools and support to fix yourself! JK and his crew have an holistic approach to finding the strength within yourself to use the tools and skills they teach you to beat porn addiction. The group aspect helps show that we are not alone! I believe there are many ways to solve life’s problems but this has been the best I’ve found for battling an addiction to porn. JK is in the fight with us and it makes all the difference. If you are willing to do the work I highly recommend this program.


"So many years of being trapped in my..."

So many years of being trapped in my compulsive behavior has led me to shame and depression. The program that Elevated Recovery provides finally gave me the tools to get my recovery going in the right direction and recommend this to anyone who wants to end their compulsive behavior as well. If you are ready to get your life back, join the program.


Elevated Recovery

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