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"My Experience in the Implementation Group"

The program is exactly what it is advertised to be; a system meant to give control and understanding in a fairly short amount of time. The modules breakdown into exercises and teaching videos which together help plant the seeds of a successful recovery. Along with the expected learning material and system, the support from fellow brothers in the group, as well as team members, instigates an attitude of discipline in participants. I entered this programs in a state of total relapse where I was acting out many times daily. I was completely out of control and terrified about what was happening in my life. I took the leap and entered this program not sure what to expect and my life has completely changed. I no longer obsessively fantasize about women. I am comfortable living days without porn. I can manage my urges better than I ever thought possible. I have gotten much of my life back and I now fully believe I will recover. The program demands commitment and hard work. If you can offer that, it is worth it.

ashton henslee

"Life changing"

I have to say joining this program has been a huge lifesaver for me. I finally feel like there’s a possibility to breaking free of the shackles of sex/porn addiction. It gave me a sense of hope and support. The exercises that are taught in the program have definitely been working for me and they can work for anyone who is willing to put in the effort and work hard at having a successful recovery. I do not have a single ounce of regret, instead I feel blessed for coming across this program and grateful for making the decision to join and implement.

Chad Landers

"Jk and his amazing team have really..."

Jk and his amazing team have really helped me open my eyes and take the first steps to recovery.

Fausto A Borges

"I have struggled with addiction for..."

I have struggled with addiction for more than a decade. J.Ks insight and system is truly life changing. Instead of trying to follow my own muddled mind I can put my trust in a proven method. The program is everything I hoped it to be and more. Although I still have a long way to go I have hope and motivation like I haven't had in ten years.

James Masi

"This program will change your life"

This program will change your life, but take heed It is not easy at all, it’s the mental work you will have to put in. Take this course and close it off. You will see life from a new perspective and will experience Unknown’s that are wonderful as you open up emotionally! Don’t drop the ball. Just take the course.


"Definitely worth it!"

I'm working with this program and JK for about 2 months right now and I'm experiencing great changes. The Implementation gave me great insights into my addiction and showed me a handful of tools and skills to work on my behaviour. The other great thing is that there is an access to a private facebook group which is great to communicate with men who goes through the same issues. You can find an accountability partner - this is one of the most important points! So, I'm still on my way but it was the right decision to start this program and I highly recommend it to people who are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour! It clears things up.

Andrew Brett

"there is a way out."

There’s no way I would be able to end my addiction without being in this implementation program. What I was doing was not working and I kept trying the same thing over and over again. That’s called insanity. Glad to be apart of the group!


"Holistic Recovery Program"

This program isn’t about just helping men to just get by or be average. The skills and tools you learn allow men to become above-average and excel in their relationships and careers. I love the holistic approach of this program. It doesn’t just focus on porn and masturbation but targets how to break bad habits and create healthy, life sustaining ones. I personally struggled for years to get up out of bed at a consistent time and this program has allowed me to wake up everyday at the same time while also being very motivated and ready to start my day. I’ve seen growth in all areas of my life and that’s what I wanted in a recovery program. JK is incredibly knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Any question you have he’ll give you a detailed response. You aren’t alone in this journal with our recovery group that’s extremely motivating. This was a decision that I’ll never regret and the personal growth and value that I’m receiving and will continue to receive throughout the program is priceless.


"A complete 180"

If you are tired of struggling with the constant shame, regret and pain that porn has caused in your life, joining the implementation program may be one of the best decisions you can make. You WILL thank yourself later. And plugging into an understanding community of others like you will only accelerate your recovery. At the start of this year, I reached my lowest point and knew deep down it was about to get worse real fast. I couldn't take any more, so I took serious action for once. When I was in, I quickly realized my deeper issues weren't unique at all. It hit me hard so many times what I was really throwing away and started crushing the negative beliefs I had about myself. I look forward to seeing how far I can go in life now, even after fully rebooting. Its up to you to put in the work though and don't worry about being perfect because you are still taking a step in the right direction. I am still early in my recovery yet my life is forever changed for the better and I have not only JK and his team to thank, but also to the brothers in the group who are willing to share their personal experiences and give their support.

Danny Loudermilk

"Look in the mirror"

For you reading this well done for getting to this point. I was here five months ago searching for answers before joining the program. I had completed self development courses online before with mixed results and experiences. What worked in those courses was the accountability and so I had some experience of the benefits this has. There is so much content online, forums and YouTube and I was at the point of searching for solutions. but with all the content there was a general lack of structure that I needed. This is what the implementation program was for me. A structured set of videos and exercises to complete along with using tools on a daily basis. Investing in the program has given me the power to overcome my compulsive behaviour. Having an accountability partner alongside the program is invaluable. Here is another person who has invested their time and money at the same time you have. This is powerful. In a time of anonymous profiles and social media this is a real person that you can generate a partnership of accountability with. The program has been worth it. in the long term my out of control behaviour would cost me so much more. Another benefit to the program is the live group calls. This is an opportunity to get questions answered and adds another layer of depth to your recovery. I don’t regret this decision and the program has been a positive influence in my life.


Elevated Recovery

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