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"I’m a few weeks into the program and..."

I’m a few weeks into the program and I’m seeing improvement. I still have relapses, but fewer than I used to. It’s all about implementation! I know that if I actually use the tools given to me by the modules and the books, I’ll make progress. While I have tried different techniques in the past, this is the first thing I’ve tried that combines accountability, community support, boundaries, tools, and reading, and the combination of those things is really valuable

Scott Witt

"A successful intervention course"

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to make a successful change in behaviour in this area. The salespeoples' approach is a bit stilted and pushy but the product and experience is worth the investment if you put the work in.


"I Truly Am Starting to Believe I Can End This Addiction."

I want to start off by saying, I am still learning and progressing through this programme and actually still in the beginning of my rebooting phase however I would be lying if I said the system has not helped me. It certainly has helped me, and as a matter of fact, I would not be as aware of how to tackle this addiction if it weren't for the Implementation programme. One of the best things that JK teaches is taking your time to learn one coping skill at a time and IMPLEMENTING it as you slip and relapse throughout your first 90 days in the programme. Whilst, I noticed this late, (after my 3 months) thanks to JK helping me out (on the Facebook group where he does live videos), I would argue it is the single most important thing in recovery. As an addict we are bound to constantly and compulsively act out on our behaviour. The very fact that we do coping skills ONE AT A TIME and incorporate it as a habit, has been HUGE and INSTRUMENTAL as a matter of fact; in my understanding of how to deal with any problem in life. As an addict, we are bound to have no structure in our life, the incorporation of subconscious re-programming, straight after waking up in the morning, is so important to our out of control psyche. It has made me truly believe that I can end this behaviour. Simply, BELIEVING helps to contribute greatly to repairing those dopamine receptors because you start to BELIEVE you will not engage in this behaviour which in TURN makes you MUCH MORE likely to incorporate the coping skills (The implementation programme teaches) that deal with the emotions you medicate porn with. Another argument, I can use is that this concept of subconscious reconstruction is so important because now I can apply it to other areas of my life. Great programme if you want to end this behaviour with porn and masturbation!

Tunnell FootballCoach

"Trustful system"

Porn addiction is a serious problem for me. When i wanted to overcome it, i fisrt started in a 12step group, it was good, but somehow i was missing some things like a more defined structure, more coping skills and more comitted accountability. Thats how one year later i entered to the implementation group, and i really have found the system that i wanted, here i have a clear structure, clear steps, and a bunch of coping skills to use in different situations. One big value is that i have entered to a commited community and i have 2 awesome Acc Partners that help when i am trouble, and ask me for help when they need it. Another big point is that there is a constant process of learning both about the addiction and about yourself as well. Finally JK personally and his team are available to help you and to answer your question plus Q&A sessions, that gives you the opportunity to ask and hear other brothers questions. Really happy to be in here it has really helped me.

francesca Barchetti

"This is not just a program but a wholistic one to help to become a better man and quit your addictive behaviour."

My experience in this Implementation program is great, im glad that I made the step to invest in myself so I can become a better person while quitting my addiction. The tools, coping skills and exercises that are helping me to stop masturbation urges and bring my porn use to and end so I can focus on what is more important. Learning to set BOUNDERIES that i didnt have before. The facebook group with the accountability to everyone is a great because you don't have that anywhere else. The encouragement and advise that comes from the group is so helpful especially when you slip is very helpful. Without the Facebook group or an accountability partner I don't think I would have made it this far into the program because shame would have eaten me alive. The beautiful thing about the accountability is that when you slip or relapse and mention it to the group the shame has no more grip on you because you put shame to shame by shaming shame. I know I'm going to succeed because it is a wholistic program to not only beat porn but become a better man.


"For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm rebooting"

This is not one of those lame courses which people sell. I really admire J.K's honesty and his straight to the point approach, which helped me think in new ways. For once in my life, I feel like I'm going through a proper reboot process. This program has kept me engaged throughout and the system teaches you certain tools and mindsets which you can implement in other areas of your life. This is a holistic system and it literally covers every aspect of your reboot - this is stuff you won't hear from those self-improvement gurus on Youtube. One sad realisation is that I should have joined this program earlier. To all those who are contemplating on investing in the implementation program - go for it! what you get out of the program is far greater than the initial investment.


"Gives You Back Control"

I've found the Porn Reboot Implementation program to be incredible at giving you a clear, step by step system to get me back in control of my compulsive sexual behavior. Having proper, tested tools and a system is huge. It's actionable straight from day one, helps to reframe your mindset around rebooting and gives you access to a group full of like minded individuals. The biggest thing for me is how holistic the program is, the tools you learn are applicable to all areas of your life and I find myself benefiting from using them in ways that I never would've imagined going into the program.

Holly Thomas

"Implementation program."

I recently joined the Reboot Implementation Program and the amount of support and accountability that I am experiencing has surpassed my expectations. Porn addiction thrives in secrecy and isolation - in porn reboot , that is no longer the case. I found that I also needed a detailed SYSTEM my reboot to maintain a long-term recovery from my porn addiction . I weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I feel that I finally have that with PornReboot.


"thank you"

i truly appreciate this system and JK ‘s efforts . Every time I go back to watch one of the modules thats When I wanna thank them again, and again . This system has given me back a hope to my life ,a clarity, and it give me a full structured path to walk on to be honest . covers every aspect in ones life as long as you do the best you can too . to become a better man, to have a better life !!


"Change your life"

What a terrific program! Everything is laid out in an easy to digest format. It’s so simple to follow I briefly thought I was being ripped off. It’s that simple, yet so powerful. I would recommend anyone who is on the fence to take the leap, it will accelerate your recovery. I’m one of the people who thought (and still think) I can do it on my own, but it would take significantly more time and brain power and heartache. I have a life to live, and I’m not going to waste another year of it running in circles just to save some money. You should feel the same way!


Elevated Recovery

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