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"Brilliant programme"

Excellent system to follow that really works. JK is an amazing man, a good example of a proper man to others. JK is good to make time for us via FB live videos which is really helpful. The module videos are excellent aswell, good teaching skills & JK explains things very well, aswell as answers questions like a pro.

Joshua Carley

"I honestly believe my sexual compulsive..."

I honestly believe my sexual compulsive behavior with porn and masturbation ends with this informative & Very actionable program straight from the start and even still in the two months in the program I can confidently say all of its tools and techniques and supportive community of likeminded brothers going through the same struggle as I has been a game changer in my road to ending my compulsive behavior. I feel more in control and not alone in this fight anymore due to the program. Highly recommend for anyone whose serious about gaining real control over their compulsive behavior, I know that’s what this programs done for me, get real and serious about the stakes that I was playing with by not getting help, my healthy balanced life back. It ain’t easy, but the proven tools, experienced support, And accountability here gain you more insight into who you really are, who you are outside your addiction. That’s what’s been the most rewarding, feeling more of myself, being more myself.


"Start believing again and move forward"

I have been looking for a program and community for over 20 years to help me with my compulsive behaviour. I tried religious programs and other ways to control your behaviour. I struggled and went back to my compulsive behavior. I had given up and lost hope. With the program and the group i have been able to move forward, take back control and be positive. The program is life changing and very well structured. There are exercises you have to do, which need to be maintained to get some stability. There is a lot of help in the group, tips and encouragement. You have to do the work and it is really rewarding. I also feel safe and able to open up about my questions and problems. There is strong support and comfort that there are other people in your position and struggling with the same issues. This is the main difference for me. I have and am learning to be more aware of my emotions, control my compulsive behaviour and have hope, which i have not had for so many years. I am blessed and grateful for this program as i can get my life back on track after so many years. I definitely recommend it


"This program will change your life if you allow it to"

When first starting out I had serious doubts that this program could change me. But I have since surprised myself by what I am capable of. Yes, it is seriously hard work but its amazing what a difference it makes to use a system rather than relying on willpower. Using, applying and living this system consistently has allowed me to enjoy my longest streak away from PMO to date. But the program doesn't only help by giving you the system, tools, community and accountability to abstain from porn use. To me, the biggest benefit is that it teaches you from day one how to embrace all aspects of growing into the new person that leaving porn behind makes you - socially, spiritually, financially, emotionally. I am experiencing a slow but significant change in all these areas of my life, including a better relationship with my wife and now being considered for promotion at work. I can't rate this program highly enough!


"Stop doing this alone & get the help you need!"

I've struggled with this compulsive behavior since I was 10, I am almost 32. I began taking my recovery seriously in late 2017 with some success, 221 days. Life events hit me hard and I returned right back into my addiction deeper than ever. Realizing that I couldn't do this alone I took the plunge and purchased JK's implementation program. I was very worried at first because up until that point I felt like I exhausted every technique and still failed, leaving me to feel like I would be stuck with this addiction forever. Into the program for almost 40 days now and thankfully it has been one of the best investments I've ever made. The tools recommended are efficient and effective and I no longer feel powerless. I believe I still have a long road of recovery ahead of me but I am confident in overcoming this addiction. Don't hesitate any longer and I wish I would've bought this life-changing program sooner.

Paul Dews

"It has been one of the best decisions..."

It has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has made me understand the underlying factors that causes my addiction. And they tools given are very essential in making your aware and essentially making your control your urge. The course comes with partners who are going through the same situation, this is very helpful for encouragement, reporting and getting some basic advice on the system or life in general. I was very happy with my decision and would 100% recommend to anyone if you want to get help

Jared Leighton

"Works better than anything else I have tried"

I have tried so many times to quit porn and masturbation and it wasn't until I tried this program that I actually did it! I am now 2 years in of no porn or masturbation. Thanks JK.


"grateful for elevated recovery, JK, my APs, the group, all the insights, and finally having the tools to end my out of control behavior"

I feel very grateful to have discovered the existence of Elevated Recovery and the Porn Reboot Group. Thanks to the support of the brothers of the group, especially my accountability partners. Grateful for the knowledge from the materials and tools, the no-nonsense / common sense approach of JK, his generosity in sharing the many podcasts about different- and crucial - aspects of the process both of porn addiction and of ending the out of control behavior permanently and completely. For the first time, I can articulate what I have been going through with some clarity, start to understand monitor and intervene with my addict behavior, and have hope and belief in a future and life existence porn-free.

Bella Blank

"Hi elevated recovery is the one and...Only destination and solution for your Addiction with pornography and masturbation"

Hi elevated recovery is the one and only destination for recovery you know why because first it’s not that much expensive as you are thinking because in my point of view there is nothing bigger than porn and masturbation addiction in your life now and believe me this addiction is much bigger than alcohol and smoking addiction and I am living in India so 1500 dollars program in India was like 5 month salary of my dad even I am not earning but I enrolled in the 12 months package because I know I may struggle financially today but I am going to be something else in future and that man jk, I am truly grateful that god made that man.

Lisa Riley

"Best information on rebooting that I've..."

Best information on rebooting that I've come across thus far! This group has helped me in so many ways!


Elevated Recovery

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