Elevated Recovery

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Roy B

"The program (so far"

The program (so far, I am just starting out) is well structured, with clear and simple techniques to implement. It really focuses on taking action, educating and counting wins to move forward instead of relying on Willpower. I wish i had made the investment sooner!

Johnson Chen

"This program has been life changing..."

This program has been life changing from the moment I started it. It has the tools and techniques necessary to implement life changes to sustain a new life past the addiction. I think that’s what’s important is that you get so consumed with elevating and becoming a high level version of yourself, there becomes no room for your addiction and because of the system you’re able to exercise it out for good.


"Grate program and tools"

Grate program and tools

Robert Cox

"Elevated Recovery has helped me see the issues within myself I wasn’t ready to face on my own"

Elevated Recovery has helped me see the areas I’m lacking in and has given me practical healthy tips to use to help cope with past trauma. I’m forever grateful!

Debbie Maness

"This program is for the one who needs..."

This program is for the one who needs help but can't do it on their own. If you want to be surrounded by people who are going through the same things you're going through to keep you motivated, this is the group for you.

Connor beckett

"My experience with the program is that you have to follow the steps consistently and without delay"

My experience with this program is that really helps you gain self control over your out control behavior and gives you clarity

Elias Ortega

"New Star"

As I am still new in this program, I am immensely benefitted and my thinking and whole viewring of people has been changed

Atanu Dey

"very happy."

this program is exceptional in its structure, intention, and delivery - I have been looking for this for a while. the program has been excellent so far. For someone like me, who doesn't necessarily fit the mold of a 12-step based approach to addiction, its perfect. I have also struggled to find addiction programs specific to the needs of pornography addiction. The only knock I have on the program really is that it is 100% online. I also found it a bit difficult to wrap my head around the process initially -

Thomas De Grasse

"I really enjoy the program now"

I really enjoy the program now. Jk has broke it down to 12 modules that will be available to you as you move forward. The program takes care of both your need to know more about every aspect of your problem and also the motivation and clarity you need in order to break through. I definitely recommend it and I think it is worthy of the amount you want to invest.


"It has been life changing so far..."

It has been life changing so far, I am from India and there is currency difference so i hesitated at first but i joined as i had to and after joining the program i was convinced. Through the program I understood the emotions and actions that was leading me back to PORN and received TOOLS that actually work in real life, one of the best decision of life life. Have to thanks JK for creating this.


Elevated Recovery

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