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rachel anderson

"Truly the missing piece for my recovery"

Truly the missing piece for my recovery. Despite therapy, /r/nofap, and countless other videos watched on the topic of quitting porn ... the system here has had me feeling most confident in my last 5 years of trying to quit porn. Although I am only a month in at this point, I have the tools and techniques I need to survive and have met great accountability partners to keep me in check. I highly recommend this.


"The Reboot implementation program has..."

The Reboot implementation program has changed the way I view the reboot process. Being in this program for a couple weeks he really gives you the tools in a methodical to help you progress in you recovery. By debunking myths and actually giving you a system for the best way of recovery.


"Gobs of what I'm getting good out of the system"

Things I can't seem to do technologically speaking, like finding out if a question has already been asked, so as not to repeat the question during a live q & a, Reboot Hero sent me instructions, and I still can't figure out how to do it. I have a lot of technological grief with computers and Iphones in all areas, I credit a huge part of this to the fact I was in school before the invention of television and land line telephones. I'm not going to fault the JK FB for this. So therefore I have nothing but good things to say. First off, JK has a carrot and a stick approach. You get rewarded with all the benifits of implementation, when you implement, but you better be on guard if you don't. That having to be on guard against taking this program for granted has put a fire of fear into me that warns.....if you don't man up to the task at hand, you are going to be a man out! I find the time distribution of the modules good, in that they allow for time enough to study before moving to the next. A shout out right here while it's on my mind. The self disipline module training. I never had any idea like that self discipline is a skill that can be taught. JK your training in that module inspires me to learn this skill like nothing before has ever inspired, that I can think of now. It's telling me that I can succeed beyond my wildest dreams. That's treasure. The morning routine, the win wall and the reboot planner. I use them to great effect in my life. This morning I automatically reached down to grab my reboot planner binder, in order to use it to make my plans for today. It was automatic! It means the system is in me, and I'm in the system. The morning write exercise. It is thawing and melting my here to for frozen feelings, and I have felt my authentic Michael Bell self in ways that I have not since I was a boy. Being able to name the feelings makes a night and day difference.

iEdit Projects

"Can't rate it highly enough!"

Thanks to this program I've been able to identify areas of my life I didn't even realise were impacted by compulsive behaviour. It's allowed me to go deep into my patterns of behaviour and begin to change - not looking back but looking forward towards a porn-free future. I can honestly say, for someone so deep-rooted in this addiction as I was, I never would have dreamed I could have developed the control I now have over my own behaviour. But I really am living my own life now and seeing progress in every area - my marriage, career, social life, emotional and physical health and many others. It's thanks to this program, the system it teaches and the community of like-minded individuals I now have access to. If you're serious about beating your addiction, this system is for you! Can't rate it highly enough!

Ray Bentzen

"2 months in and feeling great!"

I started this 2 months ago and I have learned about myself in ways I never thought possible. I'm not gonna try to make it sound like I have super powers or that suddenly my life is a million times better. But I just feel better about myself. The Implementation program is allowing me to become transparent with myself and my fiancee. I feel like my time and energy is freeing up to do things tat matter to me. The key is to be consistent. When I first started, I was slacking and wondering why I felt like it didnt work. But when I caught up and took all the exercises seriously, like my life depended on it which it did, I started seeing big changes. It forced me to take time to get vulnerable with myself and really start to examine why I even felt urges toward porn in the first place.


"If you're even reading this odds are..."

If you're even reading this odds are you need help with your porn addiction. The Implementation Program is exactly that - a program in which if you implement the tools provided you'll find success. And the tools are there. Personally I struggled with having an approach to my recovery. With this program there's an outline, with exercises and tools to go along. If you're done with 'streaks' and 'quit for 90 days' - then sign up, dig deep and do the work. Reclaim your dignity, manhood, spirituality and hope.

Casey B

"Results after 7 months"

After 7 months here goes my final review. I still have anxiety and lots of things to work on, but after 11 years of addiction from age 16 till now, after the very first day of joining the program I never relapsed after so many failures trying to quit on my own. My life finally has a bright future. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have gained discipline and a lot more self love and mental clarity. Jk did not only transformed my life with this program, he saved my life. I still have issues to work on, this is a long journey, but so far, In these 7 months I have made so much progress compared to all the previous years before joining the program. Thank you JK for making a difference in my life. JF

Dawn Mannion

"I thought it was too good to be true"

At first i thought it was too good to be true. I then got on strategy call with a reboot specialist and signed up for the implementation program. The knowledge and tools you will gain will forever change your addiction and life for the better. It's definitely worth the money and the money you spend is for yourself. You do the work and you will reach new milestones that you thought was impossible and that only certain people can achieve, but let me tell you this, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Logan Altman

"So far all my experience as been..."

So far all my experience as been helpful and encouraging.

Lita DeBoer

"This program is changing my life."

This program is changing my life and giving me a lot of hope that things can be different... that I can be different. Deeply appreciative :)


Elevated Recovery

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