Alena Zuzova Jimenez

"Jalbum - Easy and versatile"

This is an excellent piece of software for Album creation. Easy installation, operation and uploading. Thanks.

Pamela Person

"Quite a number of problems and..."

Quite a number of problems and unworking features. -------------- Response to Jalbum. Please feel free to let me know when its all fixed. At this stage I've tried 12 different templates and apart from the crashes you're aware of none of them are creating individual pages as is one of the functions offered. So, as I said - multiple problems. I don't have time to debug your software for you. I just want to work as specified. ------------------------------ SAME ANSWER. I don't have time to debug your software. It doesn't work out of the box. Your suggestions were unrelated to the issue lodged. If you can't/won't fix it then refund my purchase. ------------------------------ Hmmmmm. So lets look at this. 1) User installs software 2) User attempts to create Photo Album 3) Software Fails to create album with parameters specified 4) User tries 4 more times 5) User then tries 12 different templates/skins 6) 12 more fails 7) User refers to Help Desk 8) Help Desk refuses to answer questions proposed 9) Help Desk refers to a 'fix' for a different problem 10) Software company's preferred Review Partner asks if User had a good time with software 11) User says 'no. 12) Software company use the "blame the user response" 13) Software company insists on shipping software that needs Fixes applied before it can work, but only after Users ask for help 14) User gets abused by Software company for not applying a fix to an unrelated problem. Great business ethic guys!

Gene Sankey

"The BEST single program for displaying all my pictures"

Before I found jAlbum, I tried many different products and no one product did it all. Now all I use is jAlbum! The program itself is so versatile and the skins add even more functionality. I know that I don't use all the features but they are there if I need them.


"The latest skin"

The latest skin: Story is right up my alley. It's easy to sort your photos into the right folders, and I feel like Story has made a huge improvement in the way images look in Lightbox, and the comments in them are nicely displayed. Also, I have no complaints about the support. Thank you!

Kaitlyn Bishop

"A great solution to organize my photos"

Very easy to use and complete set of features to personalize the album. It is a value for money software


"I have use Jalbum for many years"

I have use Jalbum for many years. Very pleased with the possibilities and flexibility. highly recommended.


"jAlbum Pro is a superb solution to create dynamic presentations"

jAlbum is a superb mature solution . I had been searching for such a solution (professional output and dynamic album) and finally found it. I use the Window stand alone jAlbum Pro to create dynamic (html5) photo album. It is worth to experiment and have a clear web user experience in advance. The social media integration to share album links and the search/tag functionality (photoblogger skin) are seriously great and if integrated with your social media strategy (eg Instagram) should help spreading your art work/ brand. Last but not least the easy integration of an online shop (jAlbum PRO, Paypal based) might/ should work in selling directly to your fans. It might not be the easiest album solution due to their many options but worth it if you have a clear idea in advance. Their online documentation and community helps achieve this.


"Been using JAlbum for many years."

Been using JAlbum for many years.

Ralph Hardman

"Always the best!"

Always the best!

Abdallah Ibrahim

"Brilliant software"

Brilliant software, exactly what I want.



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