Barbara Becker

"I have found this store throught..."

I have found this store throught Facebook advertisements, searched a little for it online and I made a purchase of 3 pairs of jeans. They reached me 2 working days after from Turkey to Portugal. Amazing! I love the jeans. They really fit well and they have a really awesome design. Also received a promo code with 20% discount for the next purchase. Congratulations!

C Crowley

"Great graphic design"

Great graphic design. Quality craftsmanship on the original, lightweight denim. The "destroyed" weathering did compromise some threading that will cause the left, front pocket to become dis-attached to the pants in the near future--which, for the price of a new pair of jeans, is a concern. Love the button-fly. Love the overall fit. Love the textured layers of paint! Wish the front pockets weren't situated so vertically-close to the outseams, though it's not a dealbreaker like on some brands. (Pockets with ergonomic angling are much less likely to develop stress tears.) Overall, very happy with the purchase--as my star rating indicates. Your mileage may differ, though I suspect not.

Spencer Oliver

"Rip off!"

Make sure you read everything before purchasing items. Sale items can’t be returned, if you return something you don’t get your money back only vouchers to send on website. Shipping does not include import duty so that was a nice surprise to get a hefty amount for UPS. Jeans maybe nice but the website is a conn will not be buying from here again!

donna fleetwood

"1-3 days shipping taking 9 days+"

I came across the website and liked some of the designs. I read everything I could read up on them, especially as it concerns shipping and return policy. The size chart on the website was inadequate for me to determine my exact size. So, out of an abundance of caution, I decided to do a test buy— bought a few inexpensive items to determine the quality, and the size I'll need if I were to make future purchases. Sernes touts their 1-3 days express shipping. However, they have failed to live up to this motto. My order is yet to be delivered after a week and two days since placing that order. Frankly, it's becoming quite frustrating, irritating, and annoying. REVISED REVIEW AFTER RECEIVING SHIPMENT: I have received my package. It came in on the 12th of December (The order was placed on 24th Nov.). It's worthy of note that Customer Care and Sernes did step up their support (they created another order to replace the original). Eventually, the original package did arrive on the aforementioned date. Although the entire ordeal wasn't their fault (UPS, their official carrier, was responsible), I still feel this was part of the Sernes experience. With all honesty, If you're going to claim the credits for fast shipping, you should also own disappointments of this manner. This review details my honest opinion about my first experience with this brand.

John Harris Transportation

"I had a really good experience with..."

I had a really good experience with this company. My biggest concerns were obviously, “are they legit?” And “will the jeans fit as pictured?” The transaction was smooth and I got my jeans within a few days and they fit like a glove. My one complaint was that there was a sentence embroidered on a leg of the jeans that read “ I want to go back to beliving” I wrote the company to inquire as to wether that was an error or if the artist was trying to just be “edgy” in using a misspelling of the word “believing”. Customer service was prompt and honest. They had no explanation for the misspelling, but offered to swap them out for a different pair. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of sending them back etc...so I easy pulled the threads out of the “be” from the word and now the sentence reads “ I want to go back to living” they are still just as cool!


"Great quality and fast delivery"

Great quality and fast delivery. Will definatly shop here and recomend this site.


"Still haven't received my order 😕"

Still haven't received my order 😕

Doug Genovia

"Thank you Sernes"

Thank you Sernes! Received my order yesterday and its absolutely beautiful clothing. Great Quality!! Shipping was fast. Will be placing another order today. Highly recommend to shop at Sernes.


"Sernes is something i love i like i..."

Sernes is something i love i like i want , so maybe you can understand what i think

Ray T

"Excellent service"

Excellent service, fast shipping. Couldn't be better!!



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