Adam Gale

"Multiple Issues"

Multiple issues. The hardware is outdated, the cpu runs high, as does the ram, even with 12 gig of ram. The customer service was abysmal. I originally purchased a server in Texas, they moved me without consent, and without updating me out of the country, then it was a huge fight to get me moved back to the US, which they only had a server in Los Angeles. They then had a severe hardware failure and moved my content without informing me to another location, and didn't provide me with the new server information. I had to login and retrieve said information. After contacting support they insisted it was my fault for not reading an email. "You did get an email, you're literally on the email. I just forwarded it to you again. So I hope you maybe consider taking accountability instead of blaming us here." "We're working very hard to get the old node back up so that we move you all back. If you had read this email, you wouldn't have asked this question." Just an example of the customer service you will receive if you sign up with them. They absolutely refused to take responsibility for failed hardware, and blamed me solely for not reading an alleged email, that I have yet to receive. If you want a cheap, low end hardware server without minimal customer support, they are the ones for you. I downloaded my data tonight, and am currently shopping for a new company that values customers over profit.



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