Transcendental Meditation

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"Very easy to learn and I already feel..."

Very easy to learn and I already feel positive changes.


"Become a Better You"

I am dealing with several complicated medical conditions as well as mental issues. TM has helped me how to deal with all of them and get better in order to live happy and fulfilled life. TM makes me feel calm, peaceful, creative, focused, concentrated, and much more patient. Anyone who might need some extra help please try TM. - Klaus Suonsaari Jazz Drummer & Composer

Janet Fletcher

"TM is incredible!"

TM is incredible - it's like my teacher, Mr. Dohn, taught me how to come home (inside of myself) and gave me permission to go there everyday. I look forward to TM everyday, twice a day!

Елена Андреева

"Great way to improve life."

Great way to improve life.

Mack Rutledge

"great practice"

great practice


"I have loved my experience with..."

I have loved my experience with Transcendental Meditation. Learning was so amazing and simple; and I saw the benefits immediately. My stress and anxiety levels have decreased and I can move through my day with more confidence and calmness. I feel myself growing to be a person that I am proud of and I genuinely can credit that to practicing TM twice a day.

Kathy Hettinga

"Profound and amazing"

An amazing practice with amazing teachers. This technique has improved my life by leaps and bounds. I'm amazed with the results.

Benjamin Penvose

"TM review: grateful"

The TM program has been a very good experience so far. It is expensive ( for me) on the outset so was preventative for years, but they do have a payment plan that i can work with now and i see that it is worth every penny especially in terms of support and guidance. I can contact them 24/7 for life, but the instruction was so clear and concise i will likely not need to. I can see why and how TM is a life changer for many. It has certainly helped me with exactly what i needed so far. I believe that if i stay this focused in everyday life i will find my way out of the financial burdens i have always had in my adult life by making clearer decisions. Above all, its easy! When was the last time you heard that? I am already much more centered and calm after just a few weeks of meditating twice a day and have renewed energy for creative and balanced living.


"With only one in person session"

With only one in person session, I guess this was the best possible scenario. The online sessions were too repetitive for me and it was hard to fully engage with the TM doctor. A more dynamic presentation would have been effective for me.

Theresa Maccarone

"TM has been a life saver!"

My only wish is that I had started TM years ago. Has improved my life.....many thanks,


Transcendental Meditation

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