Transcendental Meditation

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Smrita Choubey

"Restful Awareness"

This technique has done a great deal for me in alleviating and controlling temptations and vices. It has also brought a consistent rested foundation to my day to day.

Patricia Migliaro

"Simple but overpriced"

I've been practicing TM for two weeks and haven't noticed much change. My meditation doesn't feel very deep, and it isn't much different from other forms of meditation. Still, my meditation periods are usually relaxing and refreshing. Although I believe there are benefits to it, and probably some long-term effects I've yet to experience, I just can't help but feel the program is overpriced.

Laura Davies

"My teacher Michael Yanakus is an..."

My teacher Michael Yanakus is an excellent TM teacher. With his guidance I was able to adopt the practice smoothly. I intend to keep up with my practice.



TM is a truly life changing experience that has provided me with extraordinary realizations.

Amber Gonzales

"Learning TM"

Actually learning Transcendental Meditation was totally different from what I ever expected. This made it in my mind so much more effective, I am very new to practicing it, but already I can feel some slight changes for the positive.

Harinshimen Arumugam

"Learning TM through the TM center in Atlanta was a thoroughly positive experience"

Learning TM through the TM center in Atlanta was a thoroughly positive and amazing experience. My husband and I took the course at the same time and were both taught by Meghan Shaver, who is an exceptional instructor. The course itself proved to be invaluable and was taught in a very easy-to-learn manner. The follow-up after the course; including the website, app and various TM resources, which are offered for free after completing the course, is an extremely robust platform which we are finding to be a wonderful resource.

Kevin S.

"An excellent daily practice for me"

I am enjoying my meditations and have just started joining in the virtual daily evening meditations. The TM app is an excellent resource. I’m finding TM very helpful during this time of so much uncertainty in our world.


"Best Idea Ever"

Exceeded all expectations. So glad my friend told me about TM. I would recommend it to everyone.

Mark Golden

"Thank you to Katy Perry, Rena Boone, Bobby Roth, David Lynch and my steward Robert Shimer"

I can't speak highly enough for being privy to this technique, I have learned to grow and heal in many ways I never knew were possible. My practice is very meaningful, and it helps me get better rest at night. I believe this to be helpful for peace keepers and their families break through to greater depths of being in the spirit/soul, heart and mind and can see it easily expand to those in need. and the David Lynch Foundation do great healing work. Dr, Tony Nader's work on the nervous system and how TM relates to greater healing is a Boone and Blessing to emotional clarity and freedom. Combined with mental health therapy, it is a more healthy way to relieve stress than substance abuse. A gift from Heaven, truly. Hallelujah and Amen.


"TM review. The best choice i ever in my life."

Absolutely life changing in the most beautiful way.I will continue Trandental Meditation as long as im on this planet. My heart thanks TM.


Transcendental Meditation

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